Youth Opportunity Creation

This is probably the most important element of our plan!!

In the April 3, 2014 Bay Post Internet conversation, Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin answered the question of What do you think is the key to growing strong neighborhoods in South St. Pete? accurately suggesting the future steps needed  by the City must consider:


Commerce is absolutely important to any community’s surviviabilty, but we think it is only one component of what’s going to make South St. Pete work and be its best.

Equally important is nurturing neighborhoods by providing safety and quality of life with access to resources that define a neighborhood with ready access.   

We also believe we must invest in opportunity creation, which is very different from job creation. We're talking about skills and training and education exposure that allows one to create their own opportunity. You give someone the opportunity and the right tools, and the job will take care of itself and you create natural demand that doesn't have to be constantly subsidized. 

With the assistance of corporate sponsorships, we envision enhancing the Florida Safe Routes to Schooprogram, funded by the Florida Department of Transportation, and the City’s excellent Healthy St. Pete initiative by linking the healthy physical activity of biking on the Southside Greenway  to our City schools thus creating varied and supplemental educational enhancement opportunities via our….

HealthyStartBikeTrekks   MuseumBikeTrekks   ArtGalleryBikeTrekks   EcoBikeTrekks


We further envision our STEAMBikeTrekks program becoming an integral beneficiary of the City’s newest industry: innovation. Immediately south of downtown the Innovation District is a cluster of higher education, marine science, healthcare, business incubation, and media institutions with the focus on business development, real estate, placemaking and branding, and research collaboration and innovationSee Map Here     For more Information on the Innovation District

Emulating The Dallas STEM Environmental Center our mission, like theirs, would be to help focus our diverse and many challenged learners to develop an awareness, appreciation, and concern for the environment, and to use 21st-century knowledge and skills to make informed, responsible decisions, solve current environmental problems, and prevent new ones.