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...with a Special CURRENT Funding Opportunity!!!

The City of St. Petersburg will soon be receiving $45.7 million dollars as its share of the Federal $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that includes $350 billion to help states and local governments mitigate the very negative fiscal impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. (See full announcement) To ensure that the residents of the severely affected and still very challenged Southside St. Petersburg will receive a very sufficient portion of these targeted funds, we are a member of newly created an assemblage of other not-for-profit organizations and concerned businesses assisting in their active representation. 


Our advice from the national Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and League of American Bicyclists is that an active show of citizen support during a funding opportunity like this one can start merely with the sharing of their names. Therefore, please see the below on just how simple it is to show your support by merely becoming a Kindred Supporter!!


Finally, these organizations have also indicated to us that our competitive advantage in competing for these type supplemental funding sources is greatly enhanced since we have gained so much from the previous City & Forward Pinellas research and initial implementation of portions of our greenway that we will NOT be so dependent upon the usual long drawn out expensive planning and construction steps. 

Become a Kindred Supporter

Becoming a Kindred and/or Active Supporter is as simple as signing up! Please select whether you would like to join as an Individual or as an Organization. (A Business, Neighborhood Association, or Nonprofit Organization) The website will take you to a corresponding form for you to enter your information so we can better communicate with our supporters of the Southside Greenway. Should there in fact be multiple individuals in your residence, please enroll EACH person over 18 years of age. Many times, a plan’s value and impact is judged by the number of individuals and not households.