Urban EcoFun

Traditional Ecotourism gives visitors opportunities to observe nature up close and enjoy its benefits while also appealing to their awareness of environmental and sustainable tourism issues.


Urban Ecotourism shares the same goals — but in the heart of the city as a specific kind of tourism spawned by the growing number of green oasis in big cities that can also help raise the consciousness of tourists less attuned to these issues and introduce them to sustainable practices.


Urban Ecotourism reconciles concrete and nature while also sharing a city’s urban museums, galleries, and a vast collection of culinary, arts, and shopping venues. 


Finally, in these current Covid-19 stressful times, both the visiting ecotourists and the residents of the host city and its nearby communities will enjoy convenient healthy exercise and entertainment. 


The goal of our Southside Greenway Plan is to provide Urban EcoFun!!

Click Here for a Sample Urban EcoTrekk