Bikes_N_Bueses_Logo.jpg of open space, trails, & bike lanes for walking, jogging, biking, rolling, etc. connecting neighborhoods with parks, schools, libraries, employment, social & medical services, churches, entertainment, & shopping areas. Our Pinellas (E-W)Skyway (N-S to our West) Trails surrounded by our urban waterways embodies similar characteristics of the country’s most famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s Boston plan known as the Emerald Necklace...a chain appearing to hang from the neck of the Boston peninsula.

SunRunner...high-capacity Bus Rapid Transit system developed by the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) delivering fast & efficient service that includes dedicated lanes, busways, traffic signal priority, off-board fare collection, elevated platforms, AND enhanced stations with more efficient level onboarding ramps for riders with disabilities including a simpler wheelchair restraint system & interior bike racks (3) allowing quicker boardings for cyclists.

Our Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Asset Assemblage Vision Plan

The below planning phases represent potential opportunities for completion of final bikeway outcomes determined through an extensive planning process to meet the technical requirements required by both the Federal & Florida State governments.

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The Current Situation

Lime Green: Current Existing Bikeways 

Dark Green: Existing Pinellas, Skyway, & Skyway Bridge Trails


    The City of St. Petersburg is well positioned to secure both a President Biden’s Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) grant AND/OR the just announced Reconnecting Communities Pilot (RCP) discretionary grant thereby greatly accelerating final design, funding, and construction for a major portion of the original City’s Warehouse Arts District Deuces Live Action Plan (2018). When overlay branded as the biking & recreational THE Deuces Trail, the 22nd St So corridor will then directly connect other neighborhoods, our residents, and visitors with the nationally renowned Pinellas Trail and our Skyway & Skyway Bridge Trails while becoming the cornerstone in developing St. Petersburg's Southside Greenway

    By unifying the  Southern Pinellas peninsula's existing assets, we will then join the country’s other elite cities utilizing an emerald necklace as an interconnected loop of parks and bikeways along urban waterways: Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Orlando. From the SunRunner station to north, THE Deuces Trail will create a very unique

Del Holmes Park (22 acres)     Lake Maggiore (362 acres)     Boyd Hill Nature Preserve (245 acres)       Terry Tomalin Campground
Hammock Hall     Pinellas Pioneer Settlement  Salt Creek
from Bayboro Harbor to Little Maggiore with its small streams ending in the Gulfport’s Clam Bayou.

General Benefits

Greenways provide a variety of benefits that ultimately affect the sustainability of a region’s economic, environmental, social, & physical health by....

  • Creating Value & Generating Economic Activity 

  • Improving Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation

  • Improving Health through Active Living

  • Providing Safe Accessible Health & Exercise Opportunities for the Physically Challenged 

  • Clear Skies, Clean Rivers, & Protected Wildlife

  • Protecting People & Property from Flood & Hurricane Damage

  • Enhancing Cultural Awareness & Community Identity

                                        Specific Goals of Our Southside Greenway Emerald Necklace

Create an Enhanced Tourism Marketing Identity with a new national & international brand establishing the City of St Petersburg & our Pinellas Peninsular not only as an arts, cultural, and beaches destination, but also as a friendly bicycle centric experience with three enhanced opportunities:

  • THE Deuces Trail by directly connecting our City’s urban cultural assets with our very valuable Lake Maggiore Subtropical Ecosystem will become a nationally unique urban ecotourism bike touring destination. With the growing acceptance of the e-bike by a national & international expanding maturing population, our Southside Greenway Pinellas Peninsular Emerald Necklace strategy will enable national & international bike tour planners to create & market new & exciting Florida packaging opportunities.

  • THE Deuces Trail in conjunction with City’s African American Heritage Tour will now also attract a much larger share of the huge 100+ billion dollar US African American tourism market. As this strategy develops when supported by the appropriate marketing funding, much of the original traffic to THE Deuces Live (the downtownlost with racial desegregation will be greatly replenished by this new additional biking, pedestrian walking, and rolling traffic.

  • As the result of City’s direct ownership of the majority of the new land assets required to complete for the Southside Greenway, the saving can then enable a major section to also be designed for Safe, Accessible Exercise, Health, AND Rehabilitative Opportunities for the Physically Challenged....especially our YOUTH. This would include a dedicated area for their targeted Rehabilitative Exercise Opportunities and their FUN!! This commitment will thus also create a third major targeted travel market opportunity: Rehabilitative Travel Packages especially for families with challenged children!!


urban ecotourism bike touring destination by directly connecting our City’s urban cultural assets: museums, art galleries, vast collection of culinary, arts, shopping venues, the St. Pete Pier and City parks with our very unique Lake Maggiore Subtropical Ecosystem to the South with....

Phase 1 Goals 

Lime Green with thin Blue line: Existing Bikeways during proposed improvements 

Dark Green: Existing Pinellas, Skyway, & Skyway Bridge Trails

  • From SunRunner stations extend, The  Deuces Trail (22nd St S Corridor) to the Lake Maggiore Subtropical Ecosystem (Del Holmes Park). 

  • At its 9th Ave S intersection, Southside youth will safely connect with schools, parks, & recreation centers via a new bikeway enhancing & extending Eastwardly the current African American Heritage Walking Trail to John Hopkins Middle School & Campbell Park Complex (Recreational Center/St. Pete Skate Park & Elementary School). Additionally, corporate & private support youth supplemental education opportunities via the newly designed 6th Ave South Bikeway connects them with our Hospital & Innovation Districts, USFSP campus, Waterfront Arts & Museum Districts, & St. Pete Pier & Park. Additionally, not only for our youth, but also visitors interested in African American Heritage can visit 2 of 3 original Tampa Bay negro beaches: North Mole Beach (Spa beach), South Mole Beach (Demons Landing), & Lassing Negro Beach (Lassing Park) minutes away at Bartlett Park & Frank W. Pierce Recreation Center & St Pete Tennis Center. (4th ST So & 18th Ave So)

Phase 2 Goals 

Solid Lime Green: Existing Bikeways with completed improvements. 

Dark Green with thin red line: Existing Pinellas Trail, Skyway Trail, & Skyway Bridge Trail becomes our... Southside Greenway!!

  • Complete the 18th Ave So/Salt Creek Extension Plan that in November 19, 2020 our Southside Greenway was combined with this number one Forward Pinellas Active Transportation Plan of ten county-wide priority projects. There is a current commitment from them to fund & otherwise advance that list of ten projects. Additional design & construction cost studies will be required to formalize a plan to also create short extensions connecting the 18th Ave So corridor at both the East & West ends of the Southside Greenway (E) with the Skyway Trail (W). 

  • Create design strategies for the continuing funding, repair, or new construction to maximize the integration of the City’s Southern Pinellas Peninsula’s existing bikeways & trails to connect not only with the Southside Greenway, Skyway & Skyway Bridge Trails, but also to the existing North Bay Trail (Weeden Island Preserve) & the newly branded South Bay Trail.  

  • Special focus will also be connecting our schools with City parks & other health physical activities, & youth opportunity creation experiences in the Warehouse Arts District, the City’s urban cultural assets (museums, art galleries, & theaters), & in our hospital/medical/innovation/marine science districts.