SouthGreen_CarFree_SunRunner_logo.jpg of open space, trails, & bike lanes for walking, jogging, biking, rolling, etc. connecting neighborhoods with parks, schools, libraries, employment, social & medical services, churches, entertainment, & shopping areas. Our Pinellas (E-W)Skyway (N-S to our West) Trails surrounded by our urban waterways embodies similar characteristics of the country’s most famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s Boston plan known as the Emerald Necklace...a chain appearing to hang from the neck of the Boston peninsula.


SunRunner...high-capacity Bus Rapid Transit system developed by the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) delivering fast and efficient service that includes dedicated lanes, busways, traffic signal priority, off-board fare collection, elevated platforms, and enhanced stations.

Primary Key Assets: 

The existing Pinellas Skyway Trails with an array of City & Forward Pinellas Complete Streets bikeways either currently built, being planned & developed, approved for financing, or approved for construction awaiting an official start date.


Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority’s public transportation system SunRunner (Bus Rapid Transit) system connecting Downtown St. Pete with St. Pete Beaches. Under current construction with an expected mid 2022 launch date.

The City’s economy will be greatly enhanced as many new international urban ecotourists & African American visitors will now be attracted to our BikesNBuses Plan assembled by merging our nationally recognized Pinellas (W-E) & Skyway (N-S) Bike Trails with our existing & future planned City/Forward Pinellas Complete Streets bikeways into our area's new low cost PSTA SunRunner connecting Downtown St. Pete with the St. Pete Beaches(mid-2022).

Cyclists, rollers, walkers, hikers, & SunRunner riders when visiting our Historic African American THE Deuces Live main street district on THE Deuces Trail (our biking overlay brand for the 22nd Street South Corridor) will now BE CONNECTED to our urban resources: the St. Pete Pier with our waterfront parks, our museums, galleries, vast collection of arts, culinary, entertainment, & shopping venues WITH our very valuable Southern tropical ecological resources of Del Homes Park overlooking the 390-acre Lake Maggiore surrounded in part by the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Finally with the Terry Tomalin Campground.  


While assisting in restoring EnvironmentalSocial Justice, and Health Equity in the City’s Southside’s historically excluded excluded  neighborhoods, our focus with corporate support will also support Youth Opportunity Creation in linking healthy biking physical activities from our City schools with the varied supplemental educational enhancement opportunities of our art related & internationally renowned museums, ecological/environmental venues, and the Innovation District. Concurrently, we wish to use these activities to reinforce bike safety while enhancing the Florida Safe Routes to School program, and City’s Healthy St. Pete initiative.

Finally, all City residents will now experience more cost sensitive connection & mobility with their important destinations for employment, healthcare, education, social services, dinning-entertainment-shopping, and places of worship. Southside families will especially benefit when improved employment opportunities for their first-time youthful workers are now geographically expanded to the Downtown-Gulf Beaches areas reached inexpensively via their bicycles aboard the SunRunner

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       Simplified Nickname........

Our Regional Asset Assemblage Plan

3. Begin the developmental planning for a new South Bay Trail branding for the existing City & Forward Pinellas trails to complement the existing North Bay Trail extending from St. Pete to the Weedon Island Preserve.


  Phase One

1. Create THE Deuces Trail by applying a biking brand overlay for the 22nd St S Corridor. Proceeding Southward from a 1st Ave N or S SunRunner station, it first reaches the 5th Ave S gateway intersection of the Pinellas Trail & the Warehouse Arts District proceeding then to Dell Holmes Park/ Lake Maggoire, & the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Considerable design work has already been completed based upon the Warehouse Arts District Deuces Live Action Plan with initial construction starting early in 2022. For unfinished areas a series of Quick Build solutions will be utilized while a new Dali Museum/USFSP Campbell Park Trail (6th Ave S-MLK ) is now being developed with construction will beginning early 2022.

2. Continue to ensure as many schools can be now connected to our many parks and youth opportunity assets with safe bike trails.

Phase Two

November 2019 our plan was listed by the City as number one out of ten county-wide priority projects in the Forward Pinellas Active Transportation Plan in combination with the 18 Ave S/Salt Creek Extension (18th Avenue So from 3rd Street to 35th Street). Minor additional planning to extend it Westward to Skyway Trail & Eastward to the South Bay Trail creates a primary midway East-West corridor passing through the The Deuces Trail (22 St S) intersection. Increased visitation by cyclists and users of other forms of mobile transportation directed Northward to the once vibrant & very important the Deuces Live area will serve to now greatly accelerate additional visitation thus aiding in the rehabilitation of this currently challenged Southside community. The expected completion time for the design phase is early 2022. 

Quick Build techniques will also be used to immediately enhance the existing 26th Ave S bikeway as an additional East-West connecting corridor. For any new bikeway creation and/or an enhanced use of an existing bikeway, prior formal input from the contiguous CONA neighborhood association(s) will be sought as well as if they should desire to have them honor named. This includes current and/or desired new bikeway connectors to existing neighborhood parks.