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What is a Greenway?

A corridor of land connecting people & places. Many are ribbons of open space located within linear corridors that are either natural and/or near bays, oceans, gulfs, rivers, and streams, or even man-made such as abandoned railroad beds. In more urban areas they may include existing and/or shared paved roadways that enhance existing recreational opportunities, provide routes for alternative free and/or low-cost transportation, & generally improve the overall quality of life in an area. These corridors can be designed to accommodate a variety of trail users, including bicyclists, walkers, hikers, joggers, skaters, & even those individuals requiring assisted mobility devices. General Benefits

Our Southside Greenway Pinellas Trail Loop Plan



Our Plan

Establish Southside Saint Petersburg as the Pinellas Peninsula’s junction for seamlessly connecting the 75 mile Pinellas Trail Loop (the Fred Marquis, Duke Energy, & North Bay trails) & the Skyway Bridge related trails (12 miles) ultimately with the FL Coast to Coast Trail (250 miles). By immediately aggregating these existing assets, 55% of our 13-mile multimodal sustainable transportation loop interlinking seamlessly our bikeways & bike trails will then be completed.


The City’s SunRunner (east-west electric rapid bus system) at our Warehouse Arts District junction connects:

  • our downtown employment cluster center (St Pete Pier, museums, galleries, vast collection of culinary, arts, & shopping venues, healthcare, Innovation District, marine science research, etc.) with our Gulf Beaches employment cluster center.

  • southward via the Deuces Bikeway (a biking & recreational branding of 22nd St So corridor) through the Deuces Live rich historic African American business & adjoining neighborhood community with Dell Holmes Park & Lake Maggiore’s unique Subtropical Ecosystem and

  • with our USF Bowers Murray Pathway (an ADA Therapeutic Recreation & Adaptive Cycling Path) providing environmental, educational, & accessible therapeutic recreation while then continuing westward connecting with the Skyway & Skyway Bridge Trails & the Skyway Marina District employment cluster center.  

               City Arts, Museums, & Heritage • African American Heritage  Urban Ecotourism • Therapeutic Recreation

Our Goal

With this resulting increased bicycle traffic including visiting bike tours, we wish to create equity & reconnect our previously historically excluded Southside community. If this regional coalition approach is then properly focused upon with increased marketing & promotion efforts, the resulting economic benefits from the aggregation of our exiting Pinellas Peninsula’s assets will be new local, regional, state, & international visiting bicyclists enjoying our:

City Benefits Resulting from the Aggregation of  Existing  the Pinellas  Peninsula's Assets


Residents: Additional safe, free, and/or low-cost transportation connections with our museums, the Warehouse Arts District, schools, employment/job training opportunities, parks, recreation centers, libraries, social & medical services, & churches.


Increased Economic Tourism Drivers: The Southside Greenway with its 13-mile loop with 3 bidirectional hubs connecting to the Pinellas Trail Loop will then join other elite cities utilizing an emerald necklace in support new & valuable targeted increased tourism via regional, state, & international visiting bicyclists: e.g.,Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, & Orlando.


THE Deuces Live Business Neighborhood Community Corridor: With the growing eBike usage especially by aging cyclists, safe comfortable travel times connecting our peninsular are now being dramatically reduced.


Deuces Bikeway Riders: Those who utilize the Warehouse Art District intersection to the City Museums & Arts environment can also enjoy a southward journey through the historical African American Deuces Live historic corridor arriving at Lake Maggiore’s Subtropical Ecosystem with its ADA Therapeutic Recreation & Adaptive Cycling Path directly connecting westwardly with the Skyway Trail & the Skyway Bridge Trail with its 7 mile loop surrounded by the waters Tampa Bay & Gulf of Mexico......


....will then also greatly accelerate the rebuilding of our previously historical excluded community!!

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