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New international urban ecotourists will be attracted to our Southside Greenway assembled by blending the nationally recognized Pinellas Trail (W-E) and Skyway Trail (N-S) with existing and future planned St. Petersburg & Forward Pinellas Complete Streets.  Cyclists, rollers, and hikers may also visit the new Deuces Live Trail.  Applying a biking overlay brand on the City’s 22nd Street South Corridor from its Northern junction with City urban assets: museums, galleries, and a vast collection of culinary, arts, and shopping venues will directly connect to our very valuable tropical ecological/environmental assets to the South: Del Homes Park & Lake Maggiore including and the 390-acre Boyd Hill Nature Preserve with the Terry Tomalin Campground


City residents will experience improved connection and mobility with important venues: employment, healthcare, education, social service, dinning-entertainment-shopping, and places of worship. The Southside will also benefit when expanded geographical employment opportunities for first time/young workers may soon be reached via bicycles aboard the Sun Runner, the City’s new low cost public transportation system connecting Downtown St. Pete with St. Pete Beach. 

While assisting in restoring EnvironmentalSocial Justice, and Health Equity in the City’s Southside’s challenged neighborhoods, our focus with corporate support will include promoting Youth Opportunity Creation by linking healthy biking physical activities from City schools to our varied supplemental educational enhancement opportunities of art related venues, internationally renowned museums, and the Innovation District. Concurrently, we wish to use these activities to address bike safety while enhancing the Florida Safe Routes to School program and City’s Healthy St. Pete initiative. 



...typically are corridors of land recognized for their ability to connect people and places. These ribbons of open space are often located within linear corridors that are either natural, such as bay’s, streams, creeks, lakes, river, or man-made, such as abandoned railroad beds and utility corridors. In urban areas with existing parks and/or with other environmentally interesting assets, specifically landscaped and calmed streets can be most effective. vegetated buffers protect natural habitats, improve water quality and reduce the impacts of flooding in floodplain areas. Most greenways contain trails, which enhance existing recreational opportunities, provide routes for alternative transportation, and most importantly improve the overall quality of life in an area.

...provide participants a variety of trails designed to accommodate fun and healthy uses including bicycling, hiking, walking, jogging, running, skating, rollerblading, etc.

...provide a variety of benefits that ultimately affect the sustainability of a region’s economic, environmental, and social health. These benefits include:

  • Creating Value and Generating Economic Activity

  • Improving Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation

  • Improving Health through Active Living

  • Clear Skies, Clean Rivers, and Protected Wildlife

  • Protecting People and Property from Flood Damage

  • Enhancing Cultural Awareness and Community Identity

  • Improving the Environmental & Social Justice for our Neglected Neighborhoods

  Baltimore Greenway Trails Network   •  Atlanta Beltline   •  Boston Emerald Necklace



Phase 1 

Assets: Existing City bike trails and/or those planned and/or currently committed for completion


1. Attract cyclists currently using the Pinellas Trail entering St Pete to also visit the Deuces Live Trail created by applying an overlay brand on the City’s 22nd Street South Corridor from its northern junction ending in the south at Del Homes Park & Lake Maggiore including and the 390-acre Boyd Hill Nature Preserve with its new Terry Tomalin Campground.

2. Seek to identify those other potential trails that will benefit 1st the neighborhood youth by creating more exciting & safe recreation opportunities & then will also become a direct and mobile transportation link to the City’s varied educational advancement assets of outstanding museums, art galleries, & the Innovation District


Phase 2 

Assets: Existing City bike trails and/or those planned and/or currently committed for completion


1. Continue to stress item above.

2. Finalize a development strategy to formalize Southward from downtown St. Pete the South Bay Trail connecting Westwardly with the Skyway Trail.

3. Finalize several potential East-West connections from BOTH the South Bay Trail and the Skyway Trail that will intersect with Deuces Live Trail. This increased visitation by cyclists and users of other forms of mobile transportation to this once vibrant and very important area of St. Petersburg will serve to greatly accelerate the rehabilitation of this currently challenged community.