OUR REALLY BIG Southside Greenway NEWS!

–– NOVEMBER 19, 2020 ––

Mr. Guy, We received one more follow up from the Transportation Dept:

Lucas, the city’s Bike/Ped leader has added you to the contact list related to the Bike/Ped Advisory Committee that also meets regularly.

It was emphasized that your proposed trail is being listed as number one out of ten county-wide priority projects in the Forward Pinellas Active Transportation Plan (in combination with the 18th Avenue South from 3rd Street to 35th Street). Though details such as funding timing or limits have not been established, there is a commitment from Forward Pinellas to fund and otherwise  advance that list of ten projects. 

Additionally, from the City’s Complete Streets Implementation May 2019 Plan: text below from page 77 that notes the concept being advanced by Mr. Guy as a highlighted City priority in our own plan:


“Including 197 crossings and 271 segments of linear bikeway, over 500 individual Complete Streets infrastructure recommendations were identified to improve safety and complete a network of comfortable routes for people to move around all parts of the City by foot and bicycle. There are several big geographic connectivity concepts that provide significant network benefits that warrant being highlighted:

The Salt Creek and Lake Maggiore ecosystem is a centerpiece of the natural environment in south St. Petersburg. This Implementation Plan envisions a multi-use trail circumnavigating around the greater Lake Maggiore and Boyd Hill Preserve area, with connections to the east and downtown via Salt Creek, and connections to west including the Skyway Trail and Gulfport via 26th Avenue South. The loop and connecting spurs would be created by a variety of facility types including paved pathways and on-street routes, with a common theme being both nonmotorized access and ecological restoration”

Lucas said that he presented an update on the Complete Streets program and shared specifically the language above with the Friends of Salt Creek group at their meeting on November 12, 2019.

Seems like proposals and plans are on the same page, and continued support, funding, or advocating for funding priorities would be a great way to keep things moving.

Sharon Wright, AICP, LEED AP BD+C, ENV SP

Sustainability & Resiliency Director

It all began when our plan was chosen by the City of Saint Petersburg to assist them in creating a very important component of their contribution to the Forward Pinellas Active Transportation Plan in creating an 18th Ave South East-West Complete Street Corridor (18th Ave S from 3rd St S, intersecting with 22nd St S, then on to 35th Ave S). Its 22nd St S intersection also creates for residents and visitors who enjoy biking, hiking, walking, rolling, etc., very easy access to Deuces Live main street to the North and to the South our very valuable tropical ecological assets in the combined areas of the Dell Holmes Park and the 390-acre Boyd Hill Nature Preserve with its new Terry Tomalin Campground surrounding Lake Maggiore.


The 12-year-old Deuces Live (501(c)3 non-profit corporation) is dedicated to stimulating new growth and preserving the rich African American history of 22nd Street South. Traditionally dubbed The Deuces after its double 2’s, it was the heart of a vibrant and prosperous St Petersburg Southside African American community. It was their main street!! Enhancing their continuing efforts, our first step is to extend an overlay Deuces Live Trail brand on the City’s 22nd Street South Corridor from its northern junction with the Pinellas Trail connecting with our very valuable tropical ecological assets in the combined Southern areas of the Dell Holmes Park and the 390-acre Boyd Hill Nature Preserve with its new Terry Tomalin Campground surrounding Lake Maggiore.